Understanding the stack index for Zend Framework Controller plugins

Zend Framework Controller plugins are a powerful way to inject logic into your controller system at various points, such as before and after an action dispatch. Plugins are run in the order they are added, though it is possible to change the order by defining a custom stack index. ZF internal plugins such as Zend_Controller_Plugin_ErrorHandler, […]

Sub-modules in Zend Framework

Following on from my post on Admin sub-modules I’ve refactored the code into a more generic sub-modules system. And fixed some bugs! Its main features are: Organise modules into sub-folders where you need to support a complex collection of controllers, views, models, etc Supports URLs in the format: /sub-module/module/controller/action Supports ID route: /sub-module/module/controller/action/id Registers controller […]

Zend Framework Application Patterns at DPC10

I’m currently in the fine city of Amsterdam enjoying what is incredibly my first PHP conference in ten years of developing with the language! Yesterday was tutorial day, with the full conference starting today, and I sat in Zend Framework Application Patterns by the informative and engaging Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Rob Allen. The session […]

Admin sub-modules in Zend Framework

Modules in Zend Framework essentially allow us to organise a collection of controllers into sub-folders, giving URL to filesystem mapping such as: domain.com/user/register -> app/modules/user/RegisterController.php While useful when we need to expand our URLs (and organisation of code) beyond one set of controllers, there are a few things they don’t currently solve which I think […]