PHP and me

PHP has just reached an incredible milestone, it’s 20 years old! On the 8th June, 1995, Rasmus Lerdorf released PHP 1.0. Now, 20 years later, PHP 7 is on the brink of being released and the language is stronger than its ever been before. With all the #20yearsofPHP stories around the internet I thought I’d add my own experiences and thoughts on how PHP has affected me.
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Designers vs Developers

Last Thursday I participated in the latest CamCreative meetup, an evening of debate entitled “Designers vs Developers”. The evening was run by Nick Welsh who had prepared a number of problems that designers have with devs and vice versa. The idea was these questions would be discussed by the audience in roughly two halves of designers and devs and then Steve O’Connor (designer camp) and I (developer camp) would air our collected views to varied heckling.
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